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Outdoor Kindergarten

Welcome to Outdoor Kindergarten Play Based Learning with our Outdoor Homeschool Kindergarten Program

The Outdoor Kindergarten play-based learning offers a nurturing environment in which the young child enters into imaginative and dynamic play. Children will experience a typical Waldorf kindergarten day in an outdoor setting. The children begin their day in the garden classroom, later exploring nature on our 40-acre campus with walks up to the top of Mt. Katherine or Manzanita Mountain. Hidden wonders are abound in the forest along with all the elements nature and the seasons have to offer. Practical work takes place under the cob greenhouse in the garden.  
Outdoor play-based learning provides numerous benefits for children's development. It promotes physical health by encouraging children to be active and develop gross motor skills, leading to better overall health and fitness. Exposure to sunlight and fresh air reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, and promotes a positive mood, benefiting mental health. Outdoor play-based learning also enhances cognitive and social skills, providing opportunities for hands-on exploration, problem-solving, and peer interaction.
Finally, spending time outdoors helps children develop a connection with nature and encourages environmental awareness. Overall, outdoor play-based learning is essential for children's holistic development and fosters skills and knowledge for a healthy and fulfilling life.
We strive to meet the needs of the whole child as a thinking, feeling, and moving being upon the earth as well as recognize them as a part of a group.  We place a strong focus on social health and inclusion. Waldorf education is a social education.
The Outdoor Homeschool Kindergarten is a 2 - year program designed as an enrichment program to support homeschooling families.
The Kindergarten is a combined class of children who are of that transitional age (4 - 5), and our 2nd year Kindergarteners (5 - 6).   
Children between the ages of 4 - 6 years may enter our Outdoor Homeschool Kindergarten Program. This is a 2-day program from 9:45 - 12:45pm.

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