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Homeschool Programs

At Live Oak Waldorf school, we offer subject classes to supplement a homeschooler's main curriculum.

We have a variety of homeschool classes for the kindergarten through 8th grade aged child. 

On Thursdays, we have homeschool classes for children 1st - 8th grade for all 4 periods of the day. Thus, a homeschool could come for classes on Thursdays from 10:45am through 2:50pm. However, each homeschooler can chose the classes that work for them and fit into their unique schedule. 

Live Oak Waldorf School accepts personal payments as well as vouchers from your homeschool program. We are a vendor for several programs including Visions in Education, Horizon, South Sutter, Inspire, and more. If you wish to take a class and we are not a vendor of your particular program, we can work together to get Live Oak on your program's vendor list.

Integrated Homeschool Subject Courses

Grades 2 - 8 
Offered each Fall and Spring Semester
Our Integrated Homeschool courses are for students who wish to take a subject course in the classroom with students already attending​ ​Live Oak Waldorf School. Subject courses such as Spanish, Cross Stitch, Band, Music, Orchestra, Free-Hand Geometry, Precision Geometry, Cyber Civics, Form Drawing, Art of Debate, Modeling, Doll Making, Wood​w​orking, Movement & Games, Blacksmithing​, Calligraphy, Recorder, Crochet and more​ are offered in any combination each semester. (Max of 4 students each subject)

Homeschool Only Courses  

Grades 1 - 8
Offered each Fall and Spring Semester
The Homeschool Only Courses are for students who are wishing to be amongst other homeschool children taking a subject course. Courses offered are​​ Physical Education/Gam​es, ​Nature Science​, and the Outdoor Waldorf Kindergarten Program. (Max ​of 12 ​students​ for each class​)

Homeschool Extracurricular Classes

 Multi-age groups: Grades 1 - 3 and Grades 4 - 8
Offered each Fall and Spring Semester
Homeschool extracurricular classes are open to both homeschoolers and Live Oak Waldorf school students after school on Thursday's beginning at  1:15 - 2pm and 2:05 - 2:50pm.  Every Thursday is early dismissal at 1 pm on the main campus.   Courses offered are Gardening (max 15 students) and Spanish Yoga (max 12 students).

2-Day Outdoor Homeschool Kindergarten 

Students must be 4 years, 9 months by Sept. 1 of entering the year. Offered each Fall and Spring Semester
A very popular course!  
Our Outdoor Kindergarten is an enrichment program to support homeschooling families. Children will experience a typical kindergarten day in an outdoor setting with their teacher. Children will have an opportunity to engage in a social school experience in various outdoor spaces on our beautiful 40 acre campus. The children start their day in the garden classroom later exploring nature with walks up to the top of Mt Catherine or Manzanita Mountain, finding the hidden wonders of the forest and participating in practical work in our school garden​.​ (Max of 12 students)

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