Inspiring students to change the world.

It is the goal of a Waldorf teacher to cultivate a sense of wonder and to inspire children to view the world, prompting each student to embrace life with enthusiasm, initiative, and purpose.

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Fall 2023

Coming soon: our new Speaker Series lineup.

Each year, Live Oak hosts an enriching speaker series with a range of topics for our parents and community.

Speakers such as Dr. Susan Johnson MD, Waldorf educator Rev Bowen, early childhood educator and mentor Michael Rice and other incredible members of our community are here to educate and support our community.

Stay tuned for our newest lineup, we hope to see you there!

three children walking down a path

Life at Live Oak

Celebrating stewardship, engagement, and collaboration.

Live Oak Waldorf School is committed to environmental stewardship, civic engagement, and collaboration. Through deepening our understanding of our interconnectedness and sustainability, we are able to improve the lives of our surrounding community and the world.

The Live Oak Garden

The Live Oak Garden fosters a sense of stewardship for our children and is one of the highlights of our school. Through participation in the program, the children build resilience, develop resource consciousness, live within the rhythms of nature and the cycles of the seasons.

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We encourage engagement through the celebration of seasonal festivals. Parents are welcome to attend all-school daytime assemblies, including the Rose Ceremony on the first day of school, Friday Morning Assemblies, and Eighth Grade Graduation and End of the Year Rose Ceremony.

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Community Collaboration

When parents of Live Oak Waldorf School, past and present, are asked to choose one word to describe the school, the overwhelming word of choice is community!

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About Live Oak

Live Oak Waldorf is a different type of school.

We achieve academic excellence by nurturing confidence, intellectual curiosity, and love of learning.

Encouraging exploration and learning.

Learn to change the world at Live Oak Waldorf School: a window into educating children for success in school and in life.

Preparing students for life.

"Preparing for Life" takes viewers inside the Waldorf School of the Peninsula where the focus is on developing the capacities for creativity, resilience, innovative thinking, and social and emotional intelligence over rote learning.

Events at Live Oak

Join us at our next get-together.

At Live Oak we keep our doors open. We welcome all family, friends, and community to take part in our children's events and edcuational speaking series.

May Faire

Join us to celebrate May Day, April 30th! Make flower crowns, watch the May pole dance and pageant, picnic with friends and family, and celebrate spring!