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Cyber Civics Curriculum

"It takes a village to raise a digital citizen. Our village teaches Cyber Civics, a comprehensive digital literacy program for middle school students"

Cyber Civics meets the urgent and growing demand to equip middle school students with the skills to become ethical, safe, and productive digital citizens. This program is taught at Live Oak Waldorf to all of our middle school students each week.

6th Grade: Digital Citizenship

Students consider the impact technology has had upon society throughout history, before investigating the digital tools of today. Students will engage in activities that help them think through the ethical implications of their online actions.


  • Becoming a De-Tech-Tive
  • Citizenship
  • Your Digital Reputation
  • Ethical Thinking / Cyberbullying
  • Your Identity and Privacy

7th Grade: Information Literacy

While today's tools offer youth access to a wealth of information, they can also open the door to possible new risks. This unit helps students become aware of risks and provides basic information to keep them safe online.


  • Learning Balance
  • Online Safety and Security
  • Searching the Web
  • Your Personal Information
  • Copyright / Fair Use / Public Domain
  • How to Use Wikipedia

8th Grade: Media Literacy

Students learn the difference between “consuming” and “producing” media as they discover what it means to live in a “participatory culture” (a term coined by scholar Henry Jenkins), and consider whether they may use media too much (or if it is using them).


  • Living in a Participatory Culture
  • Calling on Critical Thinking
  • Misinformation
  • Stereotypes and Media Representation
  • Visual Literacy
  • Digital Leadership

"This program was developed to address the growing need to help children navigate the terrain and expanding presence of the digital world in the lives of children. I have been working with the curriculum for 6 years now and bring to it my own insights from a career spanning 2 decades in legal and security roles at Yahoo and Adobe. I am thrilled to be working with these students and passionate about engaging them and developing lessons that are relevant and meaningful to them in the spirit of Waldorf education."

Karra Williams, 5th grade and Cyber Civics teacher at Live Oak

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