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Success in Life

Questions about what life is like for our students after they graduate from a Waldorf School?

We have the answers from an independent study done in 2019 evaluating Waldorf High School graduates as compared to other Private School High School grads.

Click here to read the Study from Waldorf Research Institute and NAIS

Do Waldorf students go to College?

  • Yes! 98% of Waldorf students go to higher education and 90% get into their top 3 school choices.

Are the students prepared for College?

  • 95% feel they are prepared and 92% complete their initial degree.

What are the types of degrees Waldorf Alum go for?

  • 46% Social and Behavioral Sciences, Exact Sciences and STEM
  • 28% Arts and Humanities
  • 15.5% Education
  • 12.3% Medical and Health 
  • 12%  Creative Arts, Entertainment and Media

Portrait of  a Waldorf Graduate.

  • Loves to learn (many take on double and triple majors)
  • Greatly values family, friendships and creativity
  • Feels Waldorf Education provides strong skill in communication, problem solving and making morally-based decisions

Watch this video from Chicago Waldorf School to hear from Waldorf Alumni:

How do these stats compare to other private schools?

In 2019 Waldorf graduates were compared to alumni from other independent schools (NAIS) in term of their educational choices. 

Here are the results... from Waldorf High School students across the United States.

Degree Waldorf NAIS (Independent schools) US Population 
Associate's 92% 98% 42%
Bachelor's 88% 97% 36%
Master's 36% 48% 13%
JD or MD 12% 18% 3%
PhD 5% 4% 2%

Where do Live Oak Waldorf School Alumni go for higher education?

University of California Berkeley

University of California Davis

University of California Santa Cruz

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Southern California

California Polytechnic State University

University of the Pacific

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

University of South Florida

Portland State University

University of Portland

Willamette University

Oregon State University

Washington State University

University of Nevada, Reno

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Richmond University in London

American University in Washington DC

Western Michigan University

Oberlin College


Learn more about Waldorf Students success in life...

Study from Waldorf Research Institute and NAIS

Read: Into the World: How Alumni Fare After Graduating from High School


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