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A Waldorf education is a gift we give our children.

Live Oak Waldorf School's Annual Giving Campaign:

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Over the years, our donors' unwavering support has played an instrumental role in creating a loving and enriching environment where our students thrive. We are humbled by your dedication and contributions of funds, skills, time, labor and love all working together to provide a holistic Waldorf education and we are inspired by the positive impact we've collectively made since our inception in 1977.

Thank you for your continued support and helping us achieve our 2023-2024 goal of $60,000!

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The Faculty Compensation Quasi-Endowment Fund:

Established in 2024 by the Board of Directors at LOWS, this fund is specifically designed to uphold and enhance the essential efforts of our teachers. Your generous contribution plays a pivotal role in providing competitive salaries, fostering professional growth, and offering comprehensive benefits to our esteemed faculty. By prioritizing the well-being of our educators, you are directly influencing the caliber of education our students receive and fortifying our ability to navigate economic fluctuations.

How can you support our teachers?

Make a 1 time gift: Contribute a gift to our $500,000 goal.

Make a 3 year pledge: Consider making a reurring pledge over the next 3 years to spread out giving and increase your impact.

Planned Giving: Consider including our Faculty Quasi - Endowment Fund in your estate planning to ensure sustainable support for our educators.

We also accept gifts of Real estate or Appreicated Securities.

To discuss giving please contact:

Tony Cirone (Administrator)

Kira Adams (Marketing and Fundraising Director)

Call the Office (530) 878-8720


LOWS Faculty Compensation Quasi-Endowment Fund Policy

Effective: May 21, 2024

Next Review Date: May, 2026 

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