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Education is a gift we give our children.

Live Oak Waldorf School's Annual Giving Campaign is going on now!

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Why our students depend on your support?

We have all arrived at Live Oak for different reasons. Our common goal is the belief in protecting childhood, and appreciating each individual. All while cultivating healthy development, love of learning and joy.

As we recover from the effects of the last few years we have a lot to be thankful for. The faculty, staff and families in our community all came together. Because of this, we were able to continue to provide this enriching education to our children.

The refocused energy of being on campus this year has allowed us to reconnect. As a community we have emerged stronger, but we still need your support. Due to the challenges of the last few years we had to make some difficult cuts to programs and salaries.

With your support last school year we were able to reach our annual giving goal. Because of your donations we were able to reinstate programs, increase salaries and balance the budget.

This year we must raise an additional $135,000 to balance the budget as our enrollment has decreased by 20 students. With a robust Annual Giving Campaign, we can reduce this deficit and install the much needed Mini Splits to replace the swamp coolers and provide efficient and economical heating and cooling.

Annual Giving covers the shortfall in our operational expenses. Funding a one-time capital expense, such as the mini splits, requires a separate contribution to this fund. Please consider this extraordinary request in addition to your annual giving contribution.

I trust that the community of Live Oak will join together in supporting this mission to meet the needs of the children and their teachers. We are asking that each family donate or pledge their gift by December 31st to ensure the continued financial health of Live Oak. Together let's continue this gift to the children that we so strongly believe in.

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