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Financial Aid

The Live Oak Waldorf School Community is dedicated to providing the finest education while remaining financially fair and inclusive to each of our families.

We strive to make it possible for any committed parent to create a place for his or her child at our school regardless of financial circumstances. We call this approach to our economic life Community Supported Waldorf Education.

Financial Aid Overview

In 2015, the Board of Trustees adjusted the tuition model to more reflectively align with the local economy and as a result, Live Oak Waldorf School offers the most affordable independent Waldorf experience in California .  The school seeks to establish a healthy financial relationship for the present and future of both the school and the families it serves. We are committed to economic diversity and the board, administration, faculty, and parents work together to raise funds, volunteer, and make challenging budgetary decisions to keep tuition within the means of the largest possible group.   We recognize that an independent education is a choice that can require a significant financial investment for families.  While we expect that families will make every effort to pay as much tuition as they can, consistent with their commitment to the well-being of the School and their child’s education , we stand ready and willing to work with you to make your dream of a Waldorf education come true for your children.

Financial Aid Process

In order to provide a fair assessment and distribution of available assistance funds, Live Oak Waldorf School utilizes an outside program, Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS), as the tool for evaluating applications for tuition assistance. This program is widely used by private schools and is valued for its objective and thorough approach to tuition assistance.  All tuition assistance applicants are required to apply through TADS.  TADS considers not only taxable and non-taxable income, but also other assets and factors that affect a family's ability to pay tuition including home equity, other real estate, savings, liabilities, family size, age of parents, and number of children attending independent schools and colleges. Live Oak treats all information provided on TADS as confidential.

After the application with TADS is completed, the Finance Committee carefully weighs each family's capacity to pay against the capacity of all other financial aid applicants and determines an award level.  Tuition adjustments can be up to 15% of tuition.

Children's Fund

After the TADS process has been completed and if you find that even with financial assistance, your adjusted tuition will still be a challenge, families may submit an application and written request to the Children's Fund.  The Children's Fund Process allows the Finance Committee to consider additional circumstances outside of the TADS process assessment.  Funds available with this source vary from year to year and are available to families with children in Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

Sibling Discounts

Live Oak offers a sibling discount for families in K-8 with more than one child in the School. Currently, this equals a 10% reduction for the second child from the same family, 20% for each additional child. There is no need to apply for the sibling discount; it will automatically be applied.


After awards are made, a family may appeal the award.  Any appeals should be made to the Finance Committee, through the Administrator.  An interview may be arranged as deemed necessary by the Finance Committee.

How do I begin the tuition adjustment process?

The school uses Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS) to conduct financial needs assessments. The application process is fair and confidential. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to the TADS website. There is a $34 application fee.

Live Oak Waldorf School is nonsectarian and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or national or ethnic origin in its educational, administrative, admission, and school program.

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