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Hannah Gunasekara

Hannah Gunasekara was born in San Diego, California. From a young age, she was imaginative and creative, drawing and spending hours making up stories for her dolls. Her favorite place was the beach, where she always felt at home. She attended San Diego Waldorf School, where her mother was a kindergarten teacher and her father taught woodworking.

Her and her family moved to Northern California. Hannah attended Cedar Springs Waldorf School and then Sacramento Waldorf School for high school. She pursued her artistic interests in college, attending UC San Diego and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Art.

After college, Hannah assisted her mother, Veronica Gunasekara, in the kindergarten at Cedar Springs Waldorf School and also worked as an aftercare substitute. She has a deep curiosity about child development and has learned much from her mother. Hannah continues to be imaginative, creating nature watercolors whenever she can. Although she still loves the ocean, she now finds rivers and lakes equally enchanting.

Hannah Joined Live Oak in 2024.

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