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Isabela Guardia Ferragutti

Isabela was born in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, and grew up in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She is a graduate of Instituto Eduardo Laredo in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where she discovered contemporary dance, folk dances, and music. Isabela attended the University of Dance in Caracas, Venezuela, West Midlands Eurythmy Training in Stourbridge, England, and earned a Eurythmy Diploma from Rudolf Steiner College, in Fair Oaks, CA. She also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma from Eurythmy Spring Valley, NY and a BA in Eurythmy and Educational Eurythmy from The University College of Eurythmy in Oslo, Norway.

Before joining Live Oak Waldorf School, Isabela has taught in Mountain Phoenix Charter School in Colorado, Waldorf School of the Peninsula, Singing Stones School, Golden Bridges School and Sacramento Waldorf School in California. She also currently teaches at Camellia Waldorf School.

Isabela loves teaching children how to move to music and poetry, and recognizes the importance of learning to move with others. She is honored to be a part of Live Oak Waldorf School community.

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