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Jamie Gruztmacher

Jamie G

Jamie Grutzmacher earned her BA at UC Davis (Go Aggies!). After graduation, she joined the Peace Corps and taught English in Ukraine then returned to California, earned a California Clear Credential, and took to the high school English trenches.  As a wife and mother of three, she eventually left her great teaching gig and decided to open a bustling online natural fabrics business. However, school life called back to her and she joined the Live Oak administrative staff in May of 2022.  She is enrolled in the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training (BACWTT) teacher training program as a first-year student and is jumping through all the hoops to earn a Multi-Subject Credential. She has two children who attend Live Oak and one who attends high school in Grass Valley.  When she is not studying for a standardized test, pestering parents about turning in paperwork, driving carpools, or creating a colorful spreadsheet, she enjoys making hair bows, eating at Dos with her hubby, walking her dogs, petting her kitties, singing to her koi, and sunbathing with her lizard Bob.  

Jamie joined Live Oak Waldorf School in 2022


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