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Lynne Poirier

Lynne Poirier

Lynne Poirier was born in Queens, New York and at age five, moved to Fullerton, California where the air smelled like orange blossoms throughout the spring. She grew up loving animals , bike riding, hiking, fishing, exploring anything that could be done out-of-doors. 

Ms. Poirier began her college education on track to becoming a teacher yet took a detour to study biomedical illustration, and finished with fine art at the University of California, Long Beach. She discovered the work of Rudolf Steiner in 1988 and knew she wanted to be a part of his innovative, creative educational philosophy. She offered childcare in her home based Waldorf ideals, then was asked by her local community to begin a  Waldorf kindergarten in the town of Poway, San Diego where she and her young family were living at the time. When her oldest son, Derek, began first grade, Ms. Poirier was hired as the Kindergarten Assistant at San Diego Waldorf School. 

In 1996, she and her family moved to the Sierra foothills, so she could attend Rudolf Steiner College and work as the Aftercare Director at Live Oak Waldorf School. She then became a class teacher and graduated three classes at Live Oak (2006, 2011, and 2019). Both of her sons, Derek and Kyle, graduated from Live Oak and are now young men out in the world.

Ms. Poirier, went back to the Early Childhood and worked as the Dandelion Kindergarten teacher for the last 3 years and is excited to come back into the grades.

Lynne joined Live Oak in 1996.


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