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Michelle McCay-Moran

Michelle McCay, Upper Grades Spanish
With a love of experiential, nature-based learning and a passion for culture and language, Michelle found a seamless connection in Waldorf education and the Spanish language. Michelle teaches upper grades Spanish at LOWS in addition to other local schools. She thrives on sharing her passions for culture and providing solid foundational language skills for her students. Michelle also currently directs her own private language program of 25 years, Learn Spanish Now! In the course of her decades long teaching career she’s woven together highly effective learning methods in Spanish and English in all grades from pre-school through high school, adult ed, GED, and positions in higher education at the Universidad de las Américas in Mexico and Cultural Anthro at Delta College in CA.
Michelle received a BA in 1989 from UC Davis in International Relations (focusing on developing countries in Latin America) with double minors in Spanish and Cultural Anthropology. In 1994 she received a masters in Cultural Anthropology with area studies in Environmental Anthropology at the UDLA in Puebla, Mexico where she lived for many years teaching English and Spanish to all ages in addition to residing and traveling in many areas of Mesoamerica.
Michelle also stays busy at home raising three boys with intention alongside her husband while caring for their many animals and large gardens and volunteering in the community. She loves hiking, camping, swimming, cooking, reading and travel to explore environmental and cultural pathways in the world. Michelle is a firm believer in volunteerism and community building and she truly hopes to continually make the world a better place through thoughtful interactions with students and exceptional, engaging teaching and learning every day.


Michelle McCay-Moran
Spanish/English Language Services
Learn Spanish Now! Program Director
(530) 559-5348

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