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Veronica Wetterstrom

Veronica Wetterstrom

Veronica Wetterstrom has been part of Live Oak Waldorf School since 2002 when her family moved to the foothills to enroll their children. Whether volunteering in the classroom or chaperoning on field trips, Veronica loved the variety of rich, hands-on experiences that she, as a parent, got to explore alongside her children. By 2010, Veronica began teaching Handwork at Live Oak, guiding students “in through the front door” to knit their very first stitches, to helping them hand-sew their dolls with fine detail. In 2016, the last of her four children graduated from Live Oak, while Veronica continued her teaching journey. An Alum of UC Davis, Veronica has a Bachelor of Science in Design and a minor in Studio Art. In the early 2000s, she took a variety of courses from Rudolf Steiner College while operating her Waldorf-inspired home-based preschool. In addition to being immersed in Waldorf education since 1998, Veronica is currently attending Gradalis Teacher Training. She loves fiber arts, crafts, simple gardening, cultivating spirituality, and spending time with her family and pets.   

Veronica joined Live Oak Waldorf School in 2010.


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